I feel loose! Kris Jenner was seeking relief from hip and leg pain, and she found it in the $700 worth of weed gummies.

“I sleep in pain, and it seems to get worse and worse and worse,” the matriarch, 66, said in a confessional during the Thursday, October 6, episode of The Kardashians. “I’m just trying to maybe get some relief. Listen up everybody, in the state of California, this is all very legal. You have to be 21 years old, you can walk into a store and you can buy [weed] gummies!”

The mother decided to stop by a nearby pharmacy while on a weekend getaway to Palm Springs with Corey Gamble and Khloé Kardashian. After detailing how the store smelled “like a crazy party, like the ‘70s,” Kris asked for “something for relaxation or joint pain,” before clarifying “Not ‘a joint,’ but ‘joint pain.’”

After perusing their offerings, the businesswoman left with a tub of medicated lube and a variety of CBD and THC flavors, including watermelon, cherry, and pineapple.

“I’ll try anything once,” Kris quipped while smelling the product.  The trio collected three “sleep and party” bags worth a combined $732 by the end of their trip.

“I’m a little nervous about taking these gummies, but I will literally do anything to see if it receives my hip pain,” Kris said after getting back to the hotel, where she and Khloé, 38, agreed to split one dose before dinner.

“Am I going to get arrested if I have this in my purse?” the In the Kitchen with Kris author asked her daughter, to which Khloé replied, “I’ll take it if you get scared, I don’t care. I’ve been to jail before it doesn’t matter.”

The Revenge Body host didn’t seem to be affected by the THC, but Kris was having trouble staying together by dinnertime and raising eyebrows with her large food order at a Mexican restaurant.

“You’re gummy definitely kicked in, you just ordered, like, five things,” Khloé said as Kris declared that she was feeling fuzzy “from the neck up.” After a few sips of their margaritas, Kris lost her composure and burst into hysterical laughter, which eventually urged the author of Strong Looks Better Naked to join in.

“The gummies have clearly kicked in with my mom,” Khloé said during a confessional. “I don’t think my mom is feeling any hip pain right now, she doesn’t seem like it,” noting that her “happy place” with when her family is “silly and lighthearted and they can laugh at themselves.”

“You’re so funny,” Khloé told Kris back at the restaurant. “I think we should have taken my mom home when she started playing peek-a-boo.”

When a producer from the Hulu series asked Khloé whether she had ever seen “Kris Jenner high,” the Good American founder admitted she had. However, when asked to expand on the topic, she replied, “I’m not going to do that.”

Kris, for her part, spent her final confessional of the episode giggling. “What’s so funny?” a producer behind the camera asked. “Nothing,” Kris replied through tears of laughter. “Nothing’s funny.”



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