Prince Harry left England with his wife, Meghan Markle, and their young child, Archie. Markle and Prince Harry opted to settle in sunny California and ceased all of their official royal activities.

Duncan Larcombe, a famous book and royal expert, claims that Prince Harry made the choice to develop his “own castle” and make investments in his kingdom independently of the British royal family.

Being a typical father, husband, and man was Prince Harry’s main objective after moving to the West Coast, as he stated in many interviews.

With no responsibilities to the monarchy, Prince Harry thought he might find happiness in life. He was freed from all outdated rules, traditions, and protocols. But is he really free now? Has he found the happiness he sought?

Prince Harry, in the view of Duncan Larcombe, does not appear to be happy. Larcombe claimed to Fox News that Prince Harry, who is not related to Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III, or the heir to the throne Prince William, appears to have everything a person could want, including “love, children, success, and a palace of his own.” However, when the surface is scratched, the situation is entirely different.

He shared: “He looks like he is carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Harry looks desperately unhappy.” He continued: “I’ve watched him closely since he was a teenager for my work, and I feel that if Harry is as happy as he is telling us, as he and Meghan tell us they are, he needs to quickly tell his face.”

He stated: “Children dream of one day being a prince. Harry, his whole life, has dreamed of one day being normal. And I honestly don’t think, and I’m not alone in thinking that, Harry simply has not found that dream.”

Prince Harry sat down with Oprah Winfrey for The Me You Can’t See series that focused on mental health, where he revealed: “I always wanted to be normal, as opposed to being Prince Harry, just being Harry. The happiest times in my life were the ten years in the army — without question. Because I got to wear the same uniform as everybody else. I had to do all the same training as everybody else. I started from the bottom like everybody else.”

He is one of the most well-known people on the planet and spent his whole life in mansions and castles. He travels on private jets and will always be known as the grandson of one of history’s most loved and respected women and the son of the King of England.

Prince Harry would not be accepted as a normal man even if he severed all ties to the monarchy. He would transition from being a prince to a megastar without titles.



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