‘I found purpose in my strength training’: Woman helps to carry unconscious passenger off the train at Tiong Bahr.

On the way to the gym for her regular workout session, TikTok user Low Si Min found herself doing her warm-ups a little earlier than expected.

A woman who was on her way to the gym found that her workout had started earlier than usual because she was carrying an unconscious person rather than lifting weights.

She was on a train on Wednesday, October 5, when it suddenly stopped at Tiong Bahru station at around 7 a.m.

After hearing a disturbance in one of the cabins, the 28-year-old realtor realized that a passenger was ill and had fallen asleep.

Low saw that two women were “struggling” as they tried to carry the woman out of the train.

In a video she uploaded later that day, Low says: “I was going to help actually, I was just contemplating if the two ladies could manage, but it seemed like they couldn’t. It was quite funny how everyone turned to look at me.” 

At the time, Low was decked out in sportswear.


I found the purpose behind all my strength trainings 🤣

♬ original sound – Low Si Min – Low Si Min

Low hugged and helped the woman off the train with the help of the other two women after she gave the stranger her bag.

According to Low, an ambulance later treated the passenger.

Low remarked in jest after the incident that “all the strength training I’ve been doing so far was actually preparing me for this moment, where I’ve had to carry an unconscious passenger out of the train”.



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