In a startling development, Pennsylvania State Police are investigating a new claim related to one of the state’s long-standing mysteries—the disappearance of Cherrie Mahan. Mahan, only 8 years old at the time, vanished in 1985 after getting off her school bus in Winfield Township, Butler County. Despite the decades that have passed, her case has remained active, haunted by the absence of any definitive leads.

The investigation has taken a surprising turn with a recent social media post by a woman asserting that she is Cherrie Mahan. The claim surfaced last month in a Facebook group, sparking both skepticism and hope. While the Mahan family has expressed doubts about the woman’s assertion, State Police, in collaboration with an out-of-state agency, are taking steps to verify her identity.

The search for Mahan began on February 22, 1985, when she was last seen near her home on Cornplanter Road. A peculiar detail in her disappearance was the sighting of a bright blue 1976 Dodge van, adorned with a mural of a mountain and a skier, near the scene. This vehicle has been a focal point in the investigation, but no substantial leads have emerged from it.

Adding to the complexity of the case, this is not the first time someone has claimed to be Mahan. Over the years, three other women have come forward with similar assertions, none of which have been substantiated. The continued interest and false claims only underscore the case’s notoriety and the community’s enduring hope for resolution.

The Pennsylvania State Police, while facing the challenges posed by the passage of time, remain committed to solving this case. A $5,000 cash reward still stands for anyone who can provide information leading to an arrest or a breakthrough in the case.

As the authorities work to locate and evaluate the woman behind the latest claim, the mystery of what happened to Cherrie Mahan continues to captivate and concern a community that has never forgotten the little girl lost so many years ago.



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