In the wake of former President Donald Trump’s conviction on 34 criminal charges, trial attorney David Oscar Markus interviewed Todd Blanche, one of Trump’s defense attorneys for the hush money case, on his podcast “For The Defence.” The discussion, which was reported by Radar Online, delved into various aspects of the trial, including the notable absence of Melania Trump, which has fueled speculation about the state of the Trumps’ marriage.

Blanche shared insights about the former First Lady’s absence throughout the seven-week trial, noting that while other family members like Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, and Eric Trump, along with his wife Lara, attended occasionally, Melania was conspicuously absent. “He had friends that showed up every day. Some did not come to court.

They would just stay at his house and be there in the morning when we got there and be there when we got home at night,” Blanche said. Addressing questions about Melania’s absence, Blanche suggested that her decision not to attend might not necessarily indicate a lack of support. He explained, “Their son [Barron] was finishing school in Florida. I don’t think that the lack of presence should be interpreted as a lack of love and support.

It’s just a lack of presence.” This comment came despite the fact that after Barron’s high school graduation on May 17, there was still time for Melania to travel to New York for the remaining weeks of the trial. The trial’s outcome and Melania’s absence did not go unnoticed on social media, where users speculated about the dynamics within the Trump family.

One user quipped about marital contract negotiations, while another pointed out, “She is his wife in name only. She has as little contact with him as possible.” Further comments highlighted Melania’s potential motivations for staying away, suggesting that her absence might have been a strategic decision to avoid public humiliation, especially considering the past allegations of infidelity within their marriage.

One particularly poignant remark referred to Melania as the ‘Female Trump,’ emphasizing, “It’s all about what’s in it for her. She gets nothing from the trial but humiliation, so why show up.” This sentiment encapsulates the public’s perception of Melania’s calculated approach to her public appearances and personal involvement with her husband’s legal and political dramas.

Melania’s decision to not attend the trial, particularly in light of the allegations surrounding Trump’s conduct early in their marriage, has led to a broad discussion about her role and presence—or notable absence—in critical moments of Trump’s post-presidency challenges.



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