By some miracle and expert surgery, Loren Schauers survived losing half his body and half an arm in a work accident and has gone on to become an internet sensation. The wife of a man whose body was severed in half by a forklift in a horrific workplace accident has rebuffed claims that she exploits him for money and views.

According to Daily Star, Loren Schauers, a 20-year-old laborer, has become an internet sensation after miraculously surviving a 50-foot fall from a bridge, which led to doctors performing hemicorperectomy surgery on him, in which everything below his waist was amputated.

Since then, in September 2019, his lovable partner Sabia Reiche, 23, who he married last year, has been by his side at every phase of his recovery.

The couple recently moved into their dream home in Montana, US, where they live with their German shepherd, Atlas, and pet cats. Fans of the couple were treated to a tour of the farmhouse on YouTube, with viewers going crazy for Loren’s “tank” in which he navigated their land.

Despite Sabia’s 24-hour care for Loren, critiques on social media have accused her of treating her disabled husband like a cash cow. In response to the trolls, Sabia took to Instagram on Thursday night to reveal that Loren, not her, has been the driving force behind the couple’s online presence.

She wrote in her stories: “I think it’s so funny when I see people on the internet make posts about me saying I’m exploiting Loren on YouTube blah blah blah and I’m using him for money and views when he’s the one who wants/chose to do YouTube and I am the one who doesn’t really wanna be in the public eye.”

Loren’s supporters were worried when he was admitted to the hospital last month due to sepsis fears, but their fears were assuaged when he was pictured returning home on September 5.

Sabia shared a photo of Loren in bed with their cat and dog, with the caption: “All my boys finally in one place again.” The reaction to the good news from dozens of her 17,000 Instagram followers was full of love and relief.



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