A man has revealed what ‘Jesus Christ said to him while he was in a coma just after a motorcycle accident when he was 13 years old.

Micah Anderson was airlifted to the hospital after a motorbike crashed down on his head, causing severe brain damage. Micah remained in a coma for weeks and months after the accident while doctors worked to save his life.

“We were hearing phrases like ‘life support, we were being prepared you know that there would be no recovery,” Micah’s mum told 700 Club Interactive.

Micah was still unresponsive after three and a half months, and after doctors told the family that they had done everything they could, he was allowed to leave and be cared for at home.

But as they began to adjust to their new life, everything changed when Micah began to improve.

“I was walking right in front of his bed and I stubbed my toe, and all of a sudden Micah started chuckling. He couldn’t move… I sat down and start cracking some jokes and he was laughing at all the appropriate times,” said Micah’s dad.

Micah became more alert and responsive from that moment, and several months later, he was able to speak for the first time since the accident, telling his family that he had met Jesus in heaven.’

Micah said: “I turned around and was looking into the face of Christ. And the angels were just worshipping him. There is no explanation of how much joy I had.

“And he said ‘I’m going to send you back. I said ‘why?’ and then he said ‘they must know about my love and my father’s love, for everyone, no matter what they have done.’

“I will love them and forgive them and accept them if they come to the cross.”

Micah, now 21, still lives with physical limitations but is determined to help others who are struggling.

As he explains: “Why would I spend my time here and get other people sad, or depressed, or disappointed when I could elevate them and make them feel the joy and the love that I did in heaven?

“Our life here on earth is short, and why would you like to waste your small time here on earth being sad?”

Micah is described as ‘an inspiration by his family and friends, especially by his mother who said he ‘encourages her every day.



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