In a provocative Christmas message shared on Truth Social, former President Donald Trump expressed harsh sentiments towards proponents of electric vehicles, stating that they should “ROT IN HELL.” This message was part of a series of Posts Trump made since Christmas Eve, where he also criticized Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is involved in prosecuting two criminal cases against him.

In a recent article by BNN Breaking, Trump, a leading contender for the Republican Party’s 2024 presidential nomination, extended his criticisms to include various entities and global leaders, suggesting that internal ‘THUGS’ in the United States, whom he associates with a range of issues like open borders, inflation, and the “Green New Scam,” are more harmful than any international figures. His post, which included references to contentious topics such as Russia/Ukraine and Israel/Iran, was framed in a context of condemning domestic policies and decisions he disagrees with.

The attack on electric vehicles marks a recent addition to Trump’s list of grievances. In September, he labeled electric vehicles a “hoax” and criticized President Joe Biden’s tax incentives for U.S.-made electric cars and trucks, referring to it as “a transition to hell.”

Trump also revisited the Affordable Care Act in his posts, promising a superior and more affordable alternative, despite not achieving this during his presidency. Additionally, he shared a clip from his “Home Alone 2” cameo and a meme suggesting Santa Claus’s support for him, humorously overlooking Santa’s fictional status.

In contrast, President Biden, the presumptive Democratic nominee for the 2024 election, shared a festive and traditional Christmas message. Biden’s post featured a video showcasing the White House’s holiday decorations accompanied by an audio track of him and First Lady Jill Biden reading “The Night Before Christmas” poem by Clement Clark Moore.



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