On Christmas Eve, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham addressed Donald Trump’s ongoing assertions that the 2020 election was unfairly taken from him. In a conversation with Pierre Thomas on ABC’s “This Week,” Graham responded to questions about the appropriateness of Trump’s election denial for future political norms by comparing it to Hillary Clinton’s past statements about feeling cheated in the 2016 election.

According to a report by a Mediate, Graham acknowledged Trump isn’t the first politician to dispute election fairness, citing Clinton’s previous comments. He expressed acceptance of the 2020 election results but showed concern for the upcoming 2024 elections, emphasizing that Trump’s success would depend on his future vision rather than dwelling on the past.

In 2019, Clinton, in an interview with CBS, referred to Trump as an “illegitimate president” and highlighted tactics like voter suppression and misinformation that she believed influenced the 2016 election outcome.

Former President Jimmy Carter also expressed doubts about Trump’s 2016 victory, attributing it to Russian interference at a Carter Center event. Clinton, during her and her husband’s “Evening with the Clintons” tour in 2020, spoke about the threat of Russian influence and the spread of false information on social media.

The Robert Mueller report, which investigated Russian interference in the 2016 election, found that Russia used various means to impact American voters. However, it concluded that there was no direct conspiracy between Trump’s campaign and the Russian government in these efforts.



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