While speculations swirl around a potential 2024 presidential run by Michelle Obama, former President Donald Trump expressed doubt in a chat with The National Pulse. His viewpoint diverges from several notable Republicans who recently spotlighted Obama as a prospective Democratic nominee.

Sen. Ted Cruz opined that Democrats might consider Mrs. Obama as a replacement if President Biden chose not to run. On her podcast, Cruz emphasized that Michelle Obama would be a unifying figure for the Democrats. Meanwhile, ex-GOP vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin took to social media to predict Biden’s absence in the 2024 race, hinting at a potential slot for the former first lady with her hashtag “#2024Election.”

However, Michelle Obama has consistently set aside these speculations. In previous statements, she emphasized her commitment to various causes, including youth empowerment and public health. She clearly articulated her decision to remain outside the presidential arena, asserting her belief that leadership can be exerted in numerous ways beyond the Oval Office.



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