In a pivotal ruling, Judge Arthur Engoron determined that Donald Trump engaged in fraudulent activities for an extended period as he shaped his prominent real estate domain, which eventually propelled him to the presidency.

The civil suit, spearheaded by New York’s Attorney General Letitia James, spotlighted how Trump and his business empire misled various stakeholders, notably banks and insurance providers, by egregiously inflating his assets and misrepresenting his net worth in crucial documents.

In response to the deceit, Judge Engoron has imposed a rescinding of specific business licenses associated with Trump, posing substantial challenges for his operations within New York. Additionally, the Trump Organization’s proceedings will remain under the surveillance of an independent monitor.

Although the Trump team hasn’t commented on this recent verdict, Trump has been consistent in his denial of any impropriety.

This ruling, emerging just days prior to the onset of a bench trial for AG James’ litigation, presents the most explicit denunciation of Trump’s meticulously cultivated persona as an astute real estate magnate turned political titan.

Judge Engoron accentuated that the regular misrepresentations about Trump’s wealth on his annual fiscal documents resulted in benefits, such as advantageous loan conditions and reduced insurance costs. The judge underscored that such strategies were not only unethical but unlawful, dismissing Trump’s assertion that a disclaimer on these financial reports absolved him of responsibility.

Highlighting the absurdity of these claims, Judge Engoron stated that in the “defendants’ world,” various improbable equivalences are considered logical, which are mere delusions rather than reality.

While Manhattan’s legal team had contemplated a criminal suit regarding the same activities, they eventually refrained, positioning AG James to initiate a civil suit against Trump. This lawsuit could considerably impair Trump and his family’s business endeavors within the state.

This specific judgment by Judge Engoron addresses the primary accusation within AG James’ litigation. However, six more claims are awaiting resolution, with a non-jury trial scheduled for October 2.

AG James is advocating for a penalty of 250 million dollars and is striving to inhibit Trump from conducting any business within New York. The trial’s duration might extend until December, as indicated by Judge Engoron.

Trump’s legal counsel had previously lobbied for the lawsuit’s dismissal, citing a lack of evidence of public harm and arguing that several charges were statute-barred. Judge Engoron, having dismissed these claims earlier, likened them to a recurring scenario akin to the movie “Groundhog Day.”

AG James’ legal action encompasses an array of allegations, including that Trump persistently amplified the worth of assets like skyscrapers, golf courses, and his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. An instance highlighted is Trump’s overestimation of his Trump Tower apartment in Manhattan and his Mar-a-Lago estate’s valuation.

The Trump Organization faced convictions for tax fraud in a separate case last year, incurring a 1.6 million dollar fine. Among the accused was Trump’s long-standing financial chief, Allen Weisselberg, who subsequently faced incarceration.

Although AG James’ lawsuit won’t lead to incarceration, it can potentially hinder Trump’s real estate transactions and tarnish his legacy as a real estate mogul. James aims to prohibit Trump and his eldest children from ever helming a New York-based company, alongside other sanctions.

The lawsuit by AG James can be traced back to March 2019, instigated by revelations from Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, about Trump’s financial exaggerations to Deutsche Bank.

Previously, AG James had also taken legal action against Trump for misappropriating funds from his charitable foundation for personal and political advantages. Consequently, Trump had to remit two million dollars to various charities, leading to the foundation’s dissolution.



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