A notorious Brooklyn-based pimp, known by aliases like “Sugar Bear” and “Daddy,” has admitted to the brutal murder of his girlfriend, whom he also trafficked. Somorie Moses now stares down the possibility of life imprisonment after confessing to the horrifying act and his involvement in the sex trafficking of eight women.

Moses was charged on Friday for the 2017 murder of his girlfriend, Leondra Foster, and for the sex trafficking of eight women, totaling 10 counts against him. His sentencing is set for Jan. 8 in Brooklyn federal court, with a minimum of 15 years to potentially life imprisonment.

Previously, in 2019, Moses was convicted by a Brooklyn state court jury for Foster’s negligent homicide and for concealing her body but was acquitted of murder. Initially sentenced to a four to eight-year term, Moses was set for release in May 2022. However, subsequent charges of murder related to sex trafficking led to his re-arrest.

Moses and Foster shared an apartment in Brooklyn. Prosecutors revealed that after murdering Foster, he used a knife and chainsaw to dismember her body. Days after the gruesome act, Foster’s dismembered body parts were discarded by Moses at a Bronx waste facility. Notably, the police found her head and limbs, including a foot bearing a “Somorie” tattoo, inside Moses’ freezer.

The charges against Moses aren’t limited to this single heinous act. Records show that he coerced women into prostitution as early as 2003. Using a mix of deceit, threats, and violence, he manipulated them into the trade, often by making false promises of love and marriage. Prosecutors highlighted his practice of pressuring these women to tattoo his alias, “Somorie,” on their bodies.

Moses’ barbarity knew no bounds. Officials shared accounts of him raping, torturing, and threatening the lives of the women he controlled. In one instance, he reportedly used a taser on a woman for her refusal to comply. In another chilling case, he threatened a woman and her child with a shotgun, insisting she become a prostitute. There’s also a record of him slashing a victim and pouring lemon juice over the wound.

Brooklyn US Attorney Breon Peace expressed hope that Moses’ guilty plea might offer a semblance of closure to the victims and Foster’s grieving family.

Requests for comments from Moses’ attorney went unanswered as of Sunday.



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