In a recent incident at a Denver theater, Rep. Lauren Boebert, representing Colorado’s third district, was captured on CCTV during a “Beetlejuice” screening, displaying unexpected behavior. The congresswoman, known for her spirited demeanor, chalked up the incident to her “overzealous personality.”

The 36-year-old Colorado Republican, while speaking to One America News Network, admitted to her lively character, stating, “I have an animated personality, perhaps sometimes too animated.”

Denver’s Buell Theatre’s security footage, later aired by a local Denver television station, showcased Boebert vaping in public and making an inappropriate gesture towards her date, Democratic bar owner Quinn Gallagher, 46.

Gallagher, in return, was seen reciprocating with a similar inappropriate gesture. Their actions during the screening garnered attention from fellow viewers, some of whom lodged complaints against Boebert’s disruptive behavior, including singing loudly and blocking views.

While acknowledging her actions, Boebert commented, “I was simply enjoying the movie, laughing and singing along. I was cautioned once, and I did heed the advice momentarily, but soon after, I made another misstep.”

Despite significant political events happening nationally, Boebert expressed frustration that her theater escapade had dominated headlines. She remarked, “With so many pressing matters like the impeachment inquiry and potential government shutdown, it’s disconcerting that my theater episode is the prime focus.”

Nevertheless, Boebert expressed regret in a subsequent social media post, hinting at personal challenges, “Navigating a public and trying divorce has been a test for me and my family. I’ve tried to approach it with resilience, but I fell short of my principles recently. I apologize for that.”

This isn’t the first time Rep. Boebert has been under the spotlight for unexpected reasons. In early 2021, she drew attention for opposing the installation of metal detectors at the House, emphasizing her legal right to carry a firearm within the Capitol complex.



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