People expressed their anger when a man stated that he will not attend his sister’s childless wedding ceremony. The Reddit poster‘s sister and her best friend are getting married in the cabins where they used to hang out in high school.

A childless wedding would generally not be a major deal for the guy or his wife since they would just leave their kid and daughter at his wife’s parents or grandparents’ residence. However, the couple’s decision to have a childless wedding has caused some concern. The sister tried to find a solution, but it all sounded quite confusing. “It seems that they want the children to do their wedding responsibilities but not attend the celebration,” he stated.

“That means either my wife or I will have to be alone in the booth with them while everyone else is ‘partying,’ but wait, I’m the best man and will be hosting the reception, so it’ll just be my wife.” What about the cuisine? My mother will let my wife 20 minutes to come in, get some food, and return since the mother of the bride can’t stay gone for long.”

The kids, both under the age of seven, would be forced to stay in a “small, non-child-proof hut” at the wedding next month. The cabin had “barely” a cell phone service, and the only “source of heat is a fireplace,” according to the man. She would also have to drive the children seven hours to the place.

His wife offered to stay alone in the cabin with the children as a compromise, but the man refuses to be considered “the babysitter.” “Not only do I believe this is a risky idea given that it would be the dead of winter, my wife has never been to these cabins, and the lack of ability to communicate properly, but I also believe it is extremely rude to invite someone to a destination wedding where they are only allowed to attend the wedding.”

Even though my wife claims she can get by, I refuse. She is not seen as a guest, but rather as the ring bearer’s babysitter and flower girl. Unfortunately, his sister and best friend are “unwilling to bend or compromise,” even after he promises to attend her wedding “childless and leave the kids behind,” leaving him “annoyed.”

He now refuses to go, forcing him to ask on a famous internet forum whether he is the jerk in the case. “NTA, if you want to have children for free, you don’t need your children as props,” one Reddit member said. “You have the right as a parent not to attend a childless wedding without feeling bad.”

“Also, at all the weddings I’ve gone to, if there are small kids like the flower girl and the ring bearer, everyone wants to talk to them at the reception, wake them up, and tell them how awesome they are,” another Reddit user said. they were, how lovely they looked, and so forth. Everyone would be wondering where they went if they weren’t there.” Someone else agreed, saying, “Your kids are family, not paid talent.” If the bride and groom want them to perform at the wedding, they must meet the needs of their family.”

“I think it’s fine for your sister and her fiancé to have a childless wedding, but I don’t see why they object to you not bringing your children,” said another. They want them to be a part of the ceremony, but children are not decorations or accessories that can be stored in a closet when you’re done with them,” wrote another. “You’ve tried to reach an agreement, but they’re not listening.”



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