Wendy Williams’ son was evicted after misusing his mother’s money. He is also being sued for $70,000 in back rent. His $2 million luxurious Miami apartment is out of reach for his famous mother.

Wendy Williams’ 22-year-old son was evicted from his $2 million luxury apartment, according to court records acquired by The New York Times. He was also facing a lawsuit for failing to pay back rent. Kevin Hunter Jr., her son, can no longer afford his Florida property. This is all because his mother’s income has been cut off and she is unable to make monthly repayments.

He said that the apartment was rented to him by his mother. Kevin is a full-time student who took time off to care for Wendy Williams during her health crisis. Wendy spent almost $100,000 on her son’s apartment for the first year of the lease at the time. A copy of Kevin Jr.’s lease is included in the suit, revealing that she paid for a full year in advance according to 

She was having financial difficulties earlier this year. Wendy’s Wells Fargo accounts were put on hold. This corresponds to the start date of the overdue rent. Wendy’s financial situation was disclosed to Kevin by the property manager. “My mum had some health concerns that put the court in control of her finances,” and that “all of the financial support that she always gave stopped,” he stated.

Wendy Williams’ son isn’t the only one who is struggling financially. Kevin Hunter, her ex-husband, has been refused financial support. He stated that his way of life has changed since his ex-wife was placed under financial guardianship.

Kevin Hunter Sr. previously stated in a report by The US Sun that he may face foreclosure on his house. Due to Wendy’s financial position, he has not received alimony payments. The payments ceased in February 2022, about the time Wells Fargo restricted access to her bank accounts. Wendy Williams was then placed under financial guardianship.



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