A devastating incident involving a police cruiser has resulted in the untimely death of 13-year-old Anthony Stinson on Long Island. The police car had been en route to an emergency call when it struck Anthony. In a compassionate gesture during their profound grief, Anthony’s family has chosen to donate his organs, offering hope and healing to other children in need.

The tragic accident occurred when Anthony was riding his bicycle across the intersection of William Floyd Parkway and Adobe Drive in Shirley. The incident unfolded late last week, and Anthony was placed on life support shortly after the collision.

After four days on life support, Anthony’s family made the difficult decision to remove life support, preserving his organs for donation. This procedure, conducted on September 13, was carried out by doctors from LiveOnNY, a nonprofit organization based in Long Island City dedicated to matching donors with individuals on the organ transplant waiting list.

Claudia Stinson, Anthony’s mother, shared her thoughts with Newsday, stating, “Children will get healthier and improve their living and life span, thanks to Anthony. I want this to be an inspiration for the community to think of in the event of the loss of lives.”

She further expressed her pride in her son’s legacy, saying, “I told my son I was so proud of him and his legacy. I said, ‘Anthony, I’m so proud of you for helping other kids, your legacy is leaving this earth. I have to let you go free, go fly and watch over all your friends.'”

Tragically, Anthony suffered a severe head injury in the accident, rendering him brain-dead. The police cruiser involved was operated by a patrol officer from the Seventh Precinct, who was traveling south on William Floyd Parkway with lights and sirens activated when the collision occurred.

In an attempt to avoid striking Anthony, the officer swerved, resulting in impact with a stationary car, a tree, and two parked vehicles on Margin Drive West, as reported by WCBS. The officer was responding to a 911 call concerning an unwell woman at the time.

The New York Attorney General Letitia James’ Office has confirmed that an investigation will be conducted into the incident, although the specific reason was not disclosed. The statement issued by the office stated that it can investigate “every incident reported to it where a police officer or a peace officer, including a corrections officer, may have caused the death of a person by an act or omission.”

Claudia, who heard the crash and rushed outside to find her son injured, stayed by Anthony’s side throughout his hospitalization. Before saying her final farewell, she shared her loving words with him, “I said, ‘You’re a wonderful boy and you’ve got to go fly to help other kids.'”

Anthony’s vibrant spirit was remembered in a GoFundMe campaign set up in his honor, where he was described as “bright, eager to learn, competitive, persistently negotiating extra ice pops, and endlessly making us smile.” The fundraiser aims to provide support to Anthony’s family during this challenging time, allowing them to focus on their grief without financial burdens or funeral arrangement concerns.



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