Chris Christie, the former Governor of New Jersey, sharply countered former President Donald Trump in response to comments made by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin took a jab at the U.S. legal proceedings surrounding Trump, indicating that they revealed the “rottenness” of the American political framework.

Speaking at Russia’s Vladivostok-based Eastern Economic Forum, Putin remarked, “The current trials surrounding Trump are beneficial from our perspective, as they highlight the flaws within the American political arena which has no right to preach democracy to others.”

He went on to describe the situation as a “public display of prosecuting a political opponent for purely political motivations.”

Christie swiftly fired back at Putin’s sentiments, labeling him a “Ruthless KGB-trained tyrant.” Addressing Trump’s admiration for Putin, Christie stated on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter: “Trump’s admiration for someone he dubbed a ‘genius’ needs serious introspection. Let’s be clear, Trump’s indictments stem from his own actions. He took risks and now faces the consequences, and his ‘close ally’ Putin rushes to his side.”

He further commented, “If you find yourself aligned with Putin, it’s high time to reassess your stance.”

Previously, Trump had lauded Russia’s strategic move against Ukraine, calling it “brilliant.” Now leading the pack in the 2024 GOP primary, Trump has insinuated on multiple occasions that the U.S. is perhaps too supportive of Ukraine. He’s also professed that, if voted back into power, he could halt the war within a day and even hinted that the Ukraine invasion wouldn’t have transpired had he secured the 2020 presidential win.

The ex-President of the U.S. has been slapped with criminal charges on four separate occasions this year. On a state level, Trump faces accusations in New York related to a secret payment arrangement, and in Georgia, he’s charged with meddling in the 2020 presidential election process. This is in addition to two federal cases, one of which delves into his handling of classified information post-presidency, while the other scrutinizes his undertakings during the 2020 elections across various states, not just confined to Georgia.



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