A sightseeing seaplane took a disastrous turn when it collided with a boat during takeoff from a harbor in Vancouver, Canada, leading to a dramatic rescue scene. According to CBC News, the pilot and five passengers aboard the De Haviland DHC-2 Beaver managed to escape the crash without injuries. However, the collision was not without consequence, as two individuals on the boat sustained injuries and were subsequently hospitalized.

The incident, which unfolded on a clear Saturday, came as a shock due to the typically open and flat nature of water bodies that provide clear visibility. An Australian tourist who witnessed the event recounted to CBC News, “We saw two speedboats in front of it and I am not sure if it hit the speedboat or not, but it sort of jumped in the air and did a nosedive over the top of the speedboats.” Video footage captured the seaplane attempting to ascend before the collision occurred, raising questions about whether the pilot had failed to notice the boat or was attempting an ill-fated maneuver to avoid it.

The aftermath of the crash saw the Beaver rapidly sinking after one of its floats was destroyed. Remarkably, all six individuals on the plane were seen standing atop the sinking aircraft as rescue operations commenced. The first to respond was a ferry operated by SeaBus, part of Vancouver’s passenger service network. April Larson, the captain of the ferry, emphasized the urgency of the rescue effort to CTV News, stating, “It’s the law. If you see someone in need, in trouble, you must help them.”

The Canadian Coast Guard played a crucial role in the rescue, ensuring the safety of all involved. Meanwhile, Canada’s Transportation Safety Board has taken up the task of investigating the circumstances surrounding this unusual crash. The board aims to uncover the reasons behind the incident and will also oversee the recovery of the seaplane from the bottom of the harbor.

This incident has left the local community and visitors alike in shock, prompting a reassessment of safety measures for water-based aircraft operations in the bustling harbor. As investigations continue, the focus remains on understanding the dynamics of the crash to prevent similar occurrences in the future.



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