Kevin Spacey has recently spoken out about his presence on Jeffrey Epstein’s plane, often dubbed the “Lolita Express,” shedding light on the circumstances surrounding their controversial flight. In an interview on “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” reported by ‘Page Six‘, Spacey detailed his interactions with Epstein, whom he claims he barely knew.

Spacey explained that his connection to Epstein began indirectly through an invitation from Bill Clinton in 2002. The former president invited him on a humanitarian mission to Africa aimed at raising awareness about AIDS and supporting HIV-positive mothers with medication access. It was on this trip that Spacey first met Epstein. “I met Epstein after Bill Clinton invited him on a trip to Africa in 2002 to raise awareness about AIDS and help mothers with HIV get medication,” Spacey recounted.

During the interview, Spacey emphasized that his primary focus on the trip was the humanitarian effort, which included meeting with doctors and nurses to learn about patient treatment, and even spending a day with Nelson Mandela. He clarified that Epstein’s role was simply that of an aircraft provider, and at the time, Spacey was unaware of who Epstein was. “I eventually heard about Epstein, even though I was unaware of him at the time of the flight. He was the owner of the aircraft we flew on the humanitarian mission,” Spacey told Morgan.

Despite these explanations, flight logs linking Spacey to Epstein’s plane had raised eyebrows, suggesting a closer relationship than Spacey admits. However, he firmly denied having a close connection to Epstein or his known associate, Ghislaine Maxwell. Spacey recounted feeling uneasy about Epstein’s behavior during the trip, particularly his association with young girls, which he thought posed a risk to the president’s reputation.

Spacey also addressed a photograph taken a few months after the Africa trip, showing him and Maxwell laughing together at Buckingham Palace. He clarified this encounter as well, stating, “Eighteen people visited Buckingham Palace. Ghislaine Maxwell was just one of several people seated beside me in the throne room.”

Throughout the interview, Spacey maintained his distance from Epstein and Maxwell, stressing that he has no ties to either individual. “Epstein is not my friend, and I have never spent time with him,” he asserted, distancing himself from the ongoing controversy surrounding Epstein’s notorious activities and connections.



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