This weekend marked a noticeable shift in fashion choices for Kanye West and Bianca Censori, as the couple showcased a more conservative style during their latest public appearance. Celebrating West’s 47th birthday, the duo was spotted at the Florence Airport in Italy on Saturday, June 8, departing from Censori’s typically revealing attire.

Photographs captured by TMZ reveal the 29-year-old model wearing a full-length beige robe or dress that conservatively covered most of her body, a significant change from her usual minimalistic outfits. Alongside her, Kanye West maintained a low-key presence in a matching white sweatsuit and plain white sneakers.

Eyewitnesses at the scene reported that the couple’s visit to the airport was brief. They arrived in a black Mercedes van and were quickly escorted inside, suggesting a swift continuation of their travels.

This demure approach to dressing is a stark contrast to the public appearances that have characterized Censori’s style when accompanying the rapper previously. Notably, just last weekend in Prato, Italy, she was observed in a daring white one-piece that left little to the imagination, exposing much of her torso and hips. Such bold fashion choices have not gone unnoticed, with the couple facing scrutiny over the explicit nature of Censori’s outfits.

Earlier this year, the controversy escalated when West shared provocative images and videos of his wife on Instagram, dressed in scant attire, sparking a wave of concern among fans. Critics wondered if Censori was being exploited, prompting her family to publicly support the couple and dispel the rumors.

The recent pivot to more modest clothing could be seen as an attempt to temper the public and media focus on their personal choices, or perhaps a reflection of a new phase in Censori’s public persona. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that West and Censori continue to capture attention with their evolving style narrative, steering the conversation in unexpected directions on this occasion.



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