US President Joe Biden is facing intense criticism after a video of him seemingly ignoring a Black supporter at a Biden-Harris campaign debate watch party in Atlanta, Georgia, went viral. The event took place on June 27, 2024, following President Biden’s debate with former US President and Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

In the video, Biden can be seen meeting and greeting his supporters, taking selfies, and engaging with the crowd. Among the supporters is a Black woman holding a “Biden Harris” campaign leaflet. She smiles and waits for Biden to approach her. However, as Biden stands in front of her, she attempts to give him a hug and a warm smile, which quickly disappears when Biden seemingly goes straight to the white woman beside her. Biden also engages with the woman behind the Black supporter, hugging her as well.

The Black woman watches the interactions and, at one point, taps Biden’s shoulder, seemingly trying to get his attention. However, Biden appears engrossed with the other woman and does not respond. The viral video, which has already garnered 30.7 million views, sparked outrage, with many accusing Biden of being racist.

“The moment she realized that her hero doesn’t like black people,” one user commented along with the clip. Another user wrote, “The most racist American President in modern history. And yet Black Americans will still vote for this man.” Others echoed similar sentiments, accusing Biden of rejecting the Black woman in favor of white supporters.

“Biden is as racist as it gets. This is how Democrats view African Americans,” one user opined. Another commented, “Biden said the n-word when in Congress fighting integration. He is a long time racist. Why would anyone of color vote for someone who hates them?”

John Curtis, who first shared the video, claimed that the “smitten” Black woman was “rejected by Biden,” who reportedly “stopped to take selfies with old angry white women.” Curtis also alleged that Biden ignored the Black supporter twice and that she was “pulled from the back row and placed up front where cameras could see her,” suggesting she was used as a political prop.

Despite the backlash, many Biden supporters defended him. “We as Americans are all Biden and Harris. We see ourselves in their fight for everyday people, the protection of our freedoms, the love of neighbors. They have competency beyond the orange madman. We love Biden and Harris, and they will have a second term,” one supporter wrote.

Another added, “Thank you, President Biden, we love you dearly!!” and “Go, Biden. You are the best. We love you, President Biden.”

In related news, Biden recently made a gaffe during an interview on Philadelphia’s WURD Black radio station as part of an Independence Day media blitz on July 4. Biden mistakenly referred to himself as the “first black woman to serve with a black president,” as reported by the New York Post.



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