The worker said she had previously worn the same outfit on a number of occasions and found there to be no issue. Giselle Thanh, a healthcare employee, was told that her attire was unsuitable by a member of management.

A woman was outraged when her boss complained about her “bum showing” in an “inappropriate” outfit at work. The employee stated that she had previously worn the same outfit on several occasions with no problems.

Gisell Thanh dressed simply in a pair of black trouser-like leggings and a cropped blue jumper. The healthcare worker used TikTok to describe her ordeal.

According to the Daily Star, she claimed her boss told her the uniform was unfit for work and that she was showing too much of her “backside.”

The jumper concealed her midriff, and the leggings were neither see-through nor inappropriate for a workplace. Giselle claims she’s worn it before with no problems.

In the video, which has surpassed 1,900 views, @ your_em_ wrote: “My boss called me into her office saying a manager made a complaint about my work attire.

“Apparently, my backside is showing too much, and it’s inappropriate.” Sharing clarification on the outfit’s unexpected remark, Giselle added: “Leggings are allowed at my job, but I was asked to change my leggings today.”

After she showed off the outfit, most viewers defended her in the comments.

One person said: “Sounds like somebody’s jealous.” Another, with a similar experience, wrote: “This happened to me too at my job, and my manager claimed that I and my friend got a lot of “attention” from men, so unfair.”

A third commented: “Want a new job?” A fourth wrote: “I like your backside, I wouldn’t be complaining.”

However, one user agreed with her boss, branding the comments “totally inappropriate.”



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