Peyton Stover, 23, saw her doctor for symptoms she thought were related to job stress but then found out she was pregnant and that there were complications.

A Nebraska couple was surprised to learn they were expecting a child, and the woman gave birth just two days later.

Peyton Stover, 23, of Omaha, went to see her doctor after experiencing symptoms such as fatigue that she thought related to job stress.

“I’m a first-year teacher,” Stover told KETV. “I just thought it was normal to be tired all the time.”

However, after noticing changes in her body, such as swelling in her legs, Stover’s doctor informed her that she was expecting a child.

“They ran the test again. She said, ‘It’s definitely positive. We’re going to do an ultrasound,'” Stover recalled. “She looked right at the screen and said, ‘You’re definitely pregnant.'”

The shock of the pregnancy news also came with concern. “My kidneys weren’t performing,” Stover said. “And my liver wasn’t working properly.”

According to KETV, doctors diagnosed Stover with preeclampsia.

The pregnancy condition, also known as toxemia, can cause serious complications and is “characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, most often the liver and kidneys,” according to Mayo Clinic.

To protect both mom and baby, an emergency C-section was scheduled right away.

“They said she needs to be admitted and then she had the baby that night,” said Stover’s boyfriend, Travis Koesters, who rushed to her side.

“They’re like you’re having a baby in 15 minutes,” Stover said, adding that the ordeal was “very scary.”

“If I wouldn’t have come in when I did,” she continued, “I probably wouldn’t have made it through the weekend.”

Kash, the baby, was born 10 weeks early and weighed only 4 pounds.

“Now that I’ve actually held him, fed him, and things like that, it’s real,” Stover said. “He’s actually mine.”



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