Whoopi Goldberg issues a stern warning to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, stating that a Roe rollback could result in a Loving v. Virginia one as well.

The View panel discussed the decision Monday after Roe v. Wade was overturned on Friday. Goldberg discussed how Loving v. Virginia, which invalidated state-by-state prohibitions on interracial marriage, would not have occurred or would have been overturned, making Thomas’ marriage to Ginni Thomas, a white woman, illegal.

It is hardly unexpected that Thomas kept that specific finding out of his concurring opinion, which hinted at reversing same-sex marriage, privacy rights, and access to contraception.

What’s next? As Clarence Thomas is signaling, they would like to get rid of contraception. Do you understand, sir? No, because you don’t have to use it!” Goldberg said, according to Decider. “Well, he better hope that they don’t come for you, Clarence, and say you should not be married to your wife–who happens to be white. Because they will move that, and you better hope that nobody says, ‘you know you’re not in the Constitution, you’re back to being a quarter of a person.’”

As per Yahoo, Goldberg also said that while she is “very pro-life,” she said she’s never been “anti-life.”

She further said, “I want people to have the lives they want, I don’t want to force anybody to come into my house telling me how to raise my daughter and what she needs because they don’t know, and I appreciate everybody’s religion. But I do not subscribe to your religion, and I don’t ask you to subscribe to mine.”

Sunny Hostin surprised everyone by stating that she opposes abortion in all circumstances, including sexual assault and incest, at the same session.

But, she added that she is in disagreement with the Supreme Court’s decision to invalidate people’s freedom of choice. Her admission of how strong her views on abortion are, however, drew instant censure from internet viewers.



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