As the hush money trial involving presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump continues, a photograph captured a revealing moment: Trump holding two sticky notes. On one, in bold black marker and apparently in his own handwriting, the message was clear: “This case should be dismissed by the judge but it’s totally corrupt.” This image, albeit color-edited to give Trump a more orange hue, quickly circulated on Reddit, sparking a mix of mockery and speculation among users.

Reddit commentators seized on the necessity of such a note, with one user quipping, “LOL at needing a handwritten note that says the ‘case should be dismissed by the judge,’” highlighting the redundancy of the message given Trump’s frequent public comments on the matter. Another added, “He had to write that down to remember to say it, after only repeating it 10 million times.” The incredulity continued with another chiming in, “He needs to write that down!?!?”

Yet, not all reactions were derisive. Some users suggested a strategic motive behind the note’s visibility. “He wrote it down because he knew he’d be photographed and get your attention,” one person theorized. Another remarked, “That’s not for him to read, it’s for us to read. They wanted those notes photographed.” This perspective points to a possible deliberate act by Trump to communicate his views on the trial’s legitimacy directly to the public.

Trump’s actions come under the shadow of a strict gag order issued by Judge Juan Merchan, who is presiding over the trial. This order prohibits Trump from making public statements about the jurors, prosecutors, witnesses, court staff, and their families. Despite this, Trump has been fined a total of $10,000 for repeated violations of this order.

The ongoing legal drama has not only caught the attention of the media and the public but also intensified discussions about the boundaries of free speech and judicial decorum in high-profile cases. As the trial progresses, the implications of Trump’s sticky notes—whether a forgetful gaffe or a calculated message—continue to stir debate and speculation about his tactics and the trial’s integrity.



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