An audio recording recently leaked reveals a conversation between former President Donald Trump and Melania Trump, where he purportedly suggested she walk around a pool in a bikini to showcase her figure to other men.

Mediaite reported on October 22, 2023, that the audio was allegedly recorded by Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt, a self-proclaimed close associate of Trump and a regular visitor to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

Pratt, an international paper and packaging magnate, was questioned by prosecutors from special counsel Jack Smith’s team, which is probing potential misconduct, including obstruction of justice and financial crimes, by Trump.

Major media outlets like The New York Times and 60 Minutes Australia have highlighted the significance of Pratt’s confidential conversations with Trump, conducted during and after Trump’s tenure in office.

In a portion of the recording from a 2019 dinner event, Pratt recalls Trump speaking about a past occasion where he asked Melania to flaunt her physique by the pool. In response, Melania, a former model, humorously countered with a challenge for Trump to join her in similar attire, indicating her disapproval of the suggestion.

These recordings not only reflect Trump’s alleged demeaning attitude towards his wife but also provide insight into his behavior during his presidency.

Another segment of the recording has Pratt alleging that Trump adeptly navigates the boundaries of the law, ensuring he remains just within its confines. Furthermore, Pratt claims that Trump shared confidential state information, including discussions with foreign leaders and potential military strategies.

Expressing his astonishment, Pratt mentions being taken aback by Trump’s trust in him and apparent indifference to potential repercussions.

While the Trump team has criticized the methods of Smith’s prosecutors, they haven’t dismissed the recordings’ validity or directly addressed Pratt’s assertions.

These recordings further intensify the scrutiny surrounding Trump’s presidential conduct. Additionally, they bring to light speculations regarding Trump’s relationship with Melania, who has seemingly kept a low profile post-presidency.



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