Former President Donald Trump’s legal team formally lodged a request on Monday for U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan to remove herself from the case concerning his alleged illegal attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential results.

The basis of their appeal revolves around comments made by Judge Chutkan in past cases related to the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot. Trump’s attorneys assert that her remarks insinuate an inherent bias against him, thus making her involvement in the current case potentially prejudiced.

“Although Judge Chutkan may be sincere in her efforts to ensure a just trial for President Trump, her prior public comments have cast a shadow over the proceedings, inevitably raising questions about their fairness,” stated the lawyers in their filing.

The motion seeks not only Judge Chutkan’s recusal but also a directive for the court clerk to reassign the case to a different District Judge. They’ve further requested the court to prioritize this motion and refrain from making other decisions in the interim.

Judge Chutkan, having been randomly designated to this case, holds the power to decide on the recusal appeal. Judicial officers can proactively step away from cases if they identify any real or potential conflicts.

Feedback on the motion from Chutkan is anticipated soon, though a court representative hasn’t commented as of now.

The recent filing aligns with Trump’s prior critiques of Chutkan, an appointee of the Obama administration, on various platforms, demanding her recusal due to alleged bias.

Central to this request are Chutkan’s observations during previous Jan. 6 cases. Trump’s legal team points to these comments as evidence of her preconceived opinion about his culpability.

One highlighted comment came during the sentencing of a Jan. 6 participant, where Chutkan referred to the rioters’ loyalty to Trump rather than the Constitution or democratic values.

Another instance from a different case had Chutkan stating her role was solely to sentence those found guilty, distancing herself from charging decisions. Nonetheless, she did acknowledge her personal opinions on the matter.

The legal team for Trump emphasized the necessity for impartiality in such a high-profile case. They noted, “For a case of this magnitude, public confidence in the court’s ability to impartially administer justice is paramount.”

Judge Chutkan is known for her stringent sentencing of those involved in the Jan. 6 riot, emphasizing the need to make clear that attempts to violently disrupt the government will be met with assured consequences.”



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