Former President Donald Trump responded sharply to Representative Debbie Dingell’s criticism of his Christmas message. In his message, Trump had expressed harsh sentiments towards President Joe Biden, Special Counsel Jack Smith, and others, wishing them to “ROT IN HELL.” He posted this on Truth Social, a platform he often uses for communication.

According to a report by Yahoo, Trump’s Christmas post included a range of critiques aimed at various political figures and policies, from open borders and the Green New Deal to the situation in Ukraine and Afghanistan. He extended his Christmas wishes even to those he opposes, albeit in a controversial manner.

In response to this message, Rep. Debbie Dingell, a Democrat from Michigan, expressed her dismay during a CNN interview, calling Trump’s Christmas greeting “pathetic” and unsuitable for a former President, especially on a day like Christmas.

Dingell also mentioned personal safety concerns, citing instances where armed individuals gathered outside her house following Trump’s previous criticisms of her.

Trump, in turn, took to Truth Social to label Dingell a “LOSER” and accused her of aiding President Biden in harming the country. He also brought up the funeral of her late husband, former Rep. John Dingell, claiming he had granted high honors for the funeral and received a grateful response from Debbie Dingell, which contrasted with her later criticisms of him.

This is not the first instance where Trump has referenced John Dingell’s death in his disagreements with Rep. Dingell. He previously suggested at a rally that John Dingell might be in hell, which Dingell described as hurtful and unnecessary politicization.

Rep. Dingell acknowledged Trump’s kind gesture regarding the funeral flags but emphasized that her gratitude did not oblige her to support him politically, especially in matters such as impeachment. She stressed the importance of civility in politics and the impact of words, hoping for more thoughtful discourse in the future.



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