Donald Trump, the former Republican president of the United States, who was recently convicted of 34 counts of falsifying business records, discusses Taylor Swift in his upcoming new book about his years as a reality TV star. Author Ramin Sotoudeh of Variety reported that he asked Trump about the singer in November of last year before the book’s launch.

“She has great potential, I’m serious. I think she’s beautiful, very beautiful! I find her very beautiful. But I think she’s a liberal. She probably doesn’t like Trump. I heard she’s very talented. I think she’s really very beautiful – extraordinarily beautiful!” Trump explained.

However, when asked about Swift’s music, he admitted that he is not at home in that area. In addition to the singer’s appearance, the former president was also concerned about her political affiliation. “But is she a liberal or is this just a show? Is she really a liberal? Isn’t this a show? I’m amazed that a country star could pull off being a liberal.”

The writer then informed Trump that Taylor Swift has been making pop music for over a decade. The billionaire businessman then mentioned another country musician, Garth Brooks, who grew up holding liberal views, which he found difficult to understand.

Incidentally, Taylor Swift first spoke publicly about her support for Democratic candidates in 2018. In the last presidential election, she supported Democrat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and criticized Trump for “fanning the flames of white supremacy and racism throughout his presidency.”

Trump’s comments highlight his focus on political affiliations, even when discussing celebrities outside of his usual political sphere. His inability to comment on Swift’s music, while emphasizing her appearance and political leanings, underscores his often superficial approach to such topics.

As the former president navigates his legal battles and attempts to remain in the public eye, his reflections on celebrities like Swift offer a glimpse into his broader worldview and priorities. Whether or not Swift will respond to Trump’s remarks remains to be seen, but her established political stance suggests that any response would be consistent with her past criticisms of him.



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