A judge has issued a protective order in the lawsuit that seeks to bar Donald Trump from Colorado’s 2024 presidential ballot, aiming to prevent any threats or intimidation related to the case. District Judge Sarah B. Wallace, who is handling this significant case, stated concerns for the safety of all involved, referencing similar issues in other cases.

According to a report by Rolling Stone on Monday, September 24, 2023, The order strictly prohibits involved parties from making threatening remarks. However, Scott Gessler, Trump’s representative and former Colorado secretary of state, argued that such an order is unnecessary since the law already bans threats and intimidation.

The case in Colorado is the first major legal hurdle to Trump’s 2024 candidacy. Numerous lawsuits have been filed across the country, aiming to disqualify Trump based on the 14th Amendment clause. This clause restricts individuals who took an oath to the Constitution and later participated in an “insurrection” against it from seeking office. These cases focus on Trump’s alleged role in the January 6, 2021, Capitol incident.

This matter could eventually be brought before the U.S. Supreme Court, as it hasn’t previously addressed the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause. Judge Wallace has set a hearing for October 30 to consider Trump’s eligibility under Colorado law. Her goal is to give both the Colorado and U.S. Supreme Courts ample time to review any decisions before Colorado’s January 5 deadline for the 2024 presidential primary ballot.

A similar case in Minnesota is scheduled for November 2. Trump’s lawyers are set to file two dismissal motions, one claiming the lawsuit infringes upon Trump’s freedom of speech. A related hearing is set for October 13.

The need for a protective order arose from comments Trump made on his platform, Truth Social, and elsewhere concerning witnesses and the judicial process.



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