A senior adviser to former President Donald Trump issued a three-word response to a far-left social media commentator who implied President Joe Biden could “take out” his political rival following a Monday Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity.

Chris LaCivita told Democratic Party advocate Harry Sisson to “expect a visit” after Sisson suggested that the court’s ruling, which grants presidents immunity from prosecution for some official actions, could empower Biden to have Trump killed by the military.

On the social media platform X, Sisson reacted to the ruling by commenting, “According to the Supreme Court, Biden could now send in Seal Team 6 to take all of them out. He could send in the military to take out Trump. He has ‘immunity’ for official acts now!”

The Supreme Court’s ruling has caused significant backlash among some Democrats, as it complicates the Justice Department’s two federal criminal cases against Trump. In response to Sisson’s provocative comments, LaCivita replied, “Expect a Visit ….”

Sisson’s post quickly went viral, prompting him to issue another response in which he stated, “All of these MAGA lunatics are saying that this is suggesting violence when the first 5 words are ‘according to the Supreme Court …’”

Sisson further clarified that his comment was referencing Justice Sonia Sotomayor’s dissenting opinion, which he shared in his post. He continued his criticism by directing additional posts at Trump, his campaign, and Republican voters, stating, “Hey @LaCivitaC this one is for you. I’d love to tell you and the entire Trump campaign how AWFUL Trump is to your faces. Biden 2024 bud.”

The Supreme Court’s long-awaited ruling on Monday found, by a 6-3 decision, that Trump was immune from prosecution for “official acts” undertaken during his presidency. Chief Justice John Roberts, writing for the majority, stated that presidents have “absolute immunity from criminal prosecution for actions within his conclusive and preclusive constitutional authority.” He added that Trump, the presumptive 2024 Republican nominee, had “presumptive immunity” for numerous official acts and “no immunity for unofficial acts” Axios noted.

In her dissent, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor expressed strong opposition, writing, “Let the President violate the law, let him exploit the trappings of his office for personal gain, let him use his official power for evil ends… That is the majority’s message today.” She further commented, “The relationship between the President and the people he serves has shifted irrevocably. In every use of official power, the President is now a king above the law”, told NBC News.

The ruling now places the onus on Tanya Chutkan, the judge presiding over the DOJ’s Jan. 6 case against Trump, to determine whether the actions Trump took, which DOJ special counsel Jack Smith is prosecuting him for, were official or not.



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