The host of “The Daily Show” does not like the former president’s recent endorsement.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Daily Show,” Trevor Noah said that Donald Trump managed to deliver “one of the weirdest endorsements of all time.”

As per Huffpost, rather than choose between former Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens and current state Attorney General Eric Schmitt in the Republican primary for a U.S. Senate seat, Trump this week endorsed “Eric,” first name only, picking both.

“He could be endorsing any Eric in the world,” Noah said, then corrected himself as a picture of Eric Trump appeared on the screen. “Well, not any Eric, but you know what I mean.”

As Noah noted, the former president called Schmitt and Greitens to announce their endorsements while failing to inform them that he was actually endorsing both.

“What an asshole!” Noah said. “Turns out the dude even brings infidelity into his endorsements. He’s the first politician to have a side, Eric.”

Schmitt eventually won the primary on Tuesday night.

See more in his Tuesday monologue:



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