Everyone has seen how close Travis Barker is to his children, 19-year-old Landon and 16-year-old Alabama, whom he shares with ex-wife Shanna Moakler, as well as his stepdaughter, 23-year-old Atiana De La Hoya. They’ve appeared in many of the newlyweds’ social media posts, and the Poosh founder has even spoken about how much she adores her stepkids on The Kardashians. The teens’ relationship with their mother, on the other hand, has been rocky, but Moakler hit back after reports claimed that she and Alabama, 16, were “estranged.”

After gossip site Perez Hilton reported that the Celebrity Big Brother alum and her teenage daughter were having a fight, Shanna Moakler took to Instagram Stories to dispel the rumor, claiming:

“@Perez Hilton my daughter and I are not estranged. WTF is this garbage? We have been friends for years, I’d think you’d just text me.”

Shanna Moakler expressed disappointment with her “friend” for not apparently reaching out for confirmation before spreading rumors of mother-daughter strife. She then shared a photo of herself with all three of her children, writing:

“I raised my kids Fuck all of you for trying to shame me.” Perez Hilton’s claims about Shanna Moakler and Alabama’s feud were apparently inspired by one of Shanna Moakler’s recent Instagram posts. She responded to a commenter who asked why her daughter didn’t follow her on the social media platform by saying:

“Apparently I’m a raging asshole that’s the word on the street lol”

Alabama Barker isn’t the first 16-year-old to think her mother is a raging asshole, so that alone isn’t proof of an estrangement. Shanna Moakler, on the other hand, hasn’t always had the best relationship with her children. In May 2021 Alabama wrote on her Instagram Stories (via US Weekly):

“My mom has never completely been in my life. Can you guys stop painting her out to be an amazing mom? Did your moms ask to see you on Mother’s Day [because]mine didn’t? I’m done keeping it a secret, reality shows.”

While Shanna Moakler responded that Alabama Barker’s claims were “completely ridiculous,” Landon Barker supported his sister, claiming that Moakler was not in their lives in the same way that their father was. Page Six confirmed in June 2021 that Moakler and her younger two children were not speaking.

Things began to improve earlier this year, however, after Shanna Moakler ended her relationship with boyfriend Matthew Rondeau, who was arrested on felony domestic violence charges after a terrifying, expletive-filled rant on Instagram Live. In March, she and Alabama posed for a photo together.

Travis Barker’s children have appeared on The Kardashians (which can be viewed with a Hulu subscription), but the family’s relationship with Shanna Moakler has not been discussed. While Moakler has previously accused the reality stars of “destroying” her family, she has since stated that as long as they are good to her children that is all that matters.



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