A woman arrested last week in the Grand Haven region for allegedly stealing a vehicle and credit cards from Leisure Estates in Holland Township was sentenced to nine months in prison for a previous incident earlier this year.

In another Holland Township incident, Alyssa Aplin, 25, of Holland, was sentenced on counts of stealing and resisting a police officer.

“Unfortunately, she relapsed pending sentencing,” attorney Horia Neagos said of his client Monday, Nov. 28, in Ottawa County Circuit Court.

Aplin was arrested in Grand Haven Township last week with a stolen vehicle and stolen credit cards while awaiting punishment. She ran away from police officers and hit a curb before scaling a 15-foot stack of boxes and refusing to get down while threatening cops.

The next day, Aplin was arraigned on further counts.

“I take full responsibility and I should have listened to my attorney,” Aplin told Judge Jon Hulsing. “I feel really down about that, but I realize now I need help. I’m willing to take any help I can get.”

Aplin cried as she told Hulsing that Child Protective Services had taken her children around a year ago. The judge noted that she had previously cut off a court-ordered tether and had not taken advantage of any community services given to help her get back on track.

“You’re really not ready for probation, yet,” the judge told her. “My goal is not to punish you, although it may seem as such. You do need the assistance of Community Mental Health. I’m going to sit you for a while.”

Aplin received a nine-month term at the Ottawa County Jail. On Thursday, December 1, she will appear in court for a probable-cause conference on the additional charges.

She has been charged with methamphetamine possession, receiving and concealing stolen items, stealing a financial transaction device, being a habitual offender third offense notice, and two charges of assaulting and resisting a police officer.

“Don’t beat yourself up now,” Hulsing encouraged Aplin. “Work the program as best you can to be in a good position when you get out.”



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