Tana Mongeau made news in June when she sent a nasty tweet about Tristan Thompson, and she finally “apologized” this morning.

Tana wrote, “All I know to tweet about my birthday party last night is that Tristan Thompson was one of the first attendees, like babe where’s true.”

On Monday, July 26, Tana launched her new “Cancelled with Tana Mongeau” podcast by cashing in on the Kardashian drama with an episode titled “Beefing with the Kardashians”. The influencer dove into her feud with Khloe, when the podcast was roughly 46 minutes long.

Her cohost said bringing True into the situation was inappropriate, but despite the resistance, Tana remarked, “I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

Referring to the True remark, she said, “To be fair, I will apologize for that, I was just trying to make a joke. It was more so that it was Father’s Day. The things that I saw him do … I was just saying, ‘What are you doing at this party? It’s Father’s Day.’ I was just curious; it was just a question.” – according to the source.

“In hindsight, I shouldn’t have involved myself,” Tana continued, “and Khloé, I would like to take the time on this ‘Cancelled’ podcast to apologize to you. I think you’re an amazing, powerful, strong woman who’s been through a lot.” “Khloe, I’m sorry. Tristan, I’m sorry.” – Mongeau concluded.

Toofab, the source of the news, stated, Khloe’s reaction was liking the post criticizing the social media star at the time of Tana’s post. A fan of Khloe retweeted Tana’s post which got a like from Khloe herself. The fan wrote, “Shut the f— up,”. “This screams attention-seeking at its finest bc you know damn well that man gon make headlines over anything pertaining to women. you’re a bird! don’t speak on True either weird-ass hoe.”



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