Steve Moses, the winner of Big Brother season 17, received the $500,000 grand prize in 2015. He now talks about his thoughts on his “invisible edit.”

Steve Moses, a college student from Gouverneur, New York, who won Big Brother 17 in 2015 at the age of 22, now discusses his feelings regarding what he called an “invisible edit” on the program. After 98 days in the Big Brother house, Steve won the $500,000 grand prize with a 6-3 vote against Liz Nolan, who came in second. Steve amassed an impressive resume during the game by taking first place in four Head of Household (HOH) contests, two veto contests, and won Battle of the Block contest.

Steve’s strategy in the Big Brother game was to play under the radar at the beginning, and then play more aggressively at the end. He did this by winning in three of the last four HOH competitions. He was able to do this to get rid of Vanessa Rousso, who was his biggest threat inside the home. Steve belonged to the Scamper Squad, Students of Sound, and Rockstars associations while living in the house.

In an interview with EW, Steve admitted that, after he left the Big Brother house he was “really disappointed to discover my invisible edit” on the episodes of the show. He explained, “My primary alliance didn’t make the show until the second or third week of the jury, and my game’s primary thesis never made the show at all.” At first, he was upset when he discovered that his strategy of purposely staying in the background at the beginning of the game was never shown on the show.

Steve shared that he is proud of the fact that “I played the exact game I said I was going to play. I was going to lay low, stay out of the way, not be taken seriously, throw everything, be a complete waste of an HOH, and pump it out in the end game.” Steve said that it is “amusing” to him that his “game’s overriding thesis never made the episodes — only the feeds and my pre-season interviews. However, I stuck to it and implemented it exactly.”

As per Screenrant, Steve later said that he was “so glad” he received the invisible edit, though. After leaving the residence, he admitted that he “got sick of the attention real quick after coming out of the house, and my edit helped me disappear into society more quickly.” He revealed that even friends he has known for years have called him to say they heard he was on Big Brother and didn’t know it. Steve said that his edit “helped me avoid falling into the trap of wrapping your self-identity into being a former Houseguest. I wouldn’t change a thing about my edit today.” 

Steve started the South Orlando area of the senior care consulting franchise after Big Brother, and he added the North Orlando territory about a year ago. Seniors and families moving into independent living, assisted living, and memory care residences are represented by the franchise. Steve stated that working with families to find solutions that benefit senior citizens and their families is “really rewarding.”

Fans that viewed the live feeds or listened to Steve’s interviews were aware of his true game plan, even though it may not have been revealed in the Big Brother episodes. It obviously was a strong plan since he achieved his goal of winning the game.

Although Steve may feel as though he has vanished from society, his Big Brother legacy endures in the hearts of viewers who cherish their memories of his well-earned victory.

Big Brother 24 premieres on CBS on July 6 at 8 p.m. EST.



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