Sofia Vergara, the charismatic star of “Modern Family,” made a startling revelation during her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Thursday night. The actress, famed for her vibrant personality and fashion sense, disclosed that she had recently undergone surgery, which led her to quip, “I shouldn’t even be here,” emphasizing the seriousness of her health situation despite her light-hearted delivery.

Sporting tennis shoes instead of her characteristic high heels, the 51-year-old actress explained that her footwear change was a direct result of the surgery. She described how years of wearing high heels necessitated the operation due to the constant strain they placed on her feet.

Vergara’s candidness extended beyond her health as she also discussed her views on cosmetic procedures during a recent interview with Allure. “I feel like you have to take advantage of everything that is out there. I mean, if you care about aging,” she said. Vergara expressed a proactive approach to anti-aging treatments, emphasizing, “Nothing wrong if you don’t care about it. It’s not the end of the world. But if you do, now there’s so much stuff out there.”

Despite being open to plastic surgery, Sofia admitted that her busy schedule has put her plans on hold. “I feel like I’m going to do every plastic surgery that I can do when I’m ready,” she confessed. She lamented the lack of downtime due to her on-camera commitments, which doesn’t allow her the necessary recovery time.

Vergara, who also stars in the show “Griselda,” shared insights into her routine use of Botox, especially around her neck and eyes. However, she expressed a definitive stance against fillers. “I don’t believe in filler,” she asserted. According to Vergara, fillers might be beneficial for younger individuals looking to enhance certain features but can be counterproductive at her age, making one look “more done” rather than younger.

Her philosophy on beauty treatments is adventurous, as she revealed in a recent People interview. “I’ve done it all,” Sofia declared, illustrating her willingness to try almost any beauty suggestion, no matter how extreme.

Vergara also reflected on her views about aging. Despite feeling “great” in her 50s, she admitted discomfort with the idea of aging naturally. “I know I don’t look the same,” she remarked, indicating her hesitation to embrace certain signs of aging, like going all-white with her hair.

Sofia Vergara’s openness and humor in addressing her health and beauty routines highlight her resilience and commitment to living life on her terms, even in the face of challenges.



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