Social media is already a highlight reel of the events in people’s lives that they want you to see, from the viewpoints and backdrops that users are comfortable sharing with the rest of the world. Furthermore, there is frequently so much processing and filtration that can be done to a photo that the reality of the image is easily lost and distorted.

That looked to be the case with Paula Abdul’s recent photographs, which she released after attending Kathy Hilton’s annual Christmas party, but fans saw it right away. What a Photoshop mistake! The former American Idol judge and famous singer and dancer posted to Instagram this week to report her attendance at Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party, which included Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian reuniting. In the past, the latter has been called out for her own Photoshop blunders.

Paula Abdul praised Kathy Hilton for holding “the most fantastic Christmas party,” and wished all of her fans a “wonderful day” and “holiday cheer.” However, the comment area was flooded with people criticizing the 60-year-old for changing her face on social media. Paula, you’re beautiful. There’s no need to edit your photos to the point that people don’t recognize you.

People on social media noted immediately away that the TV personality looked different in the images than she did in real life. Many others believed Abdul was unrecognizable and resorted to the comments section to express their disappointment with the photoshop failure. Making yourself look 50 instead of 60 is one thing, but making yourself look 12 is a whole different story. You don’t need to do this🤦🏻‍♂️

There were a lot of comments in comments praising Paula Adbul and her beauty. “Love you,” Paris Hilton remarked after hanging out with her at the event. Many people have commented that she seems like a teenager, especially in the first photo with makeup artist Kályd Sebastian Odeh. Here’s another comment: 

Did the account get hacked? Who am I even looking at? Paula Abdul has had an incredible career and continues to look stunning without a filter. From being founded by The Jacksons to topping the music charts with ’80s hits like “Straight Up” and “Forever Your Girl,” to guiding artists like Kelly Clarkson to American Idol success with “mean judge” Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson from 2002 to 2009.

Many people see Abdul as an icon in her own way, thus her latest social media post caused outrage. Wow. I don’t understand this. Everyone knows what you actually look like. The amount of editing here is embarrassingly obvious

While fans were sad to see Paula Abdul change her appearance on social media, it goes to show that anyone, including the ridiculously great singer and dancer, can become self-conscious about appearances! It’s wonderful to see so many people encouraging Abdul to embrace her true beauty, but it came at the expense of her being called out for a photoshop mistake. While Abdul is no longer on American Idol, the following season’s TV premiere date for 2023 is this February 19.



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