A recent lawsuit has embroiled the Miami Dolphins in controversy once again, following a previous legal action against cornerback Xavien Howard.

This new lawsuit alleges that another player from the team transmitted genital herpes to his then-girlfriend without disclosing his condition.

According to the lawsuit, the discovery came after both parties underwent testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) upon the woman noticing symptoms. Both reportedly tested positive for genital and oral herpes.

The lawsuit accuses the player of failing to fulfill his responsibility to inform his partner of his STI status or to abstain from sexual activity. Efforts to conceal the player’s identity in the lawsuit documents were ineffective, as the name became visible through a simple digital manipulation, though the media has chosen not to disclose the identity out of respect for privacy.

This development comes after attorney Brad Sohn, representing Xavien Howard, publicly denied allegations against Howard and considered defamation action against the accuser. The football community awaits further developments as the player’s identity remains on the brink of public exposure.



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