A Shropshire mother was shocked by her 14-year-old daughter’s treatment at school.

Shell, her lovable mother, shared her teen’s horrifying experience in a recent TikTok video and judging by the thousands of comments that quickly accumulated, her daughter’s school isn’t the only one enforcing strict toilet rules.

Shell explained to her 35,000 followers while sitting on her sofa that her daughter, who was on her period at the time, was denied access to a toilet and ended up ‘leaking’ through her trousers.

Shell said: “Since when is it allowed for schools to lock the toilets? So pupils can only use them at lunchtime and break time?

“My daughter’s just come home from school because the teacher wouldn’t let her go to the toilet. So she’s leaked through her trousers.”

The frustrated mum continued: “She’s 14 and on her period and she wasn’t allowed to go and change her tampon.”

Shell said the teachers responsible ‘should be absolutely disgusted in yourself. 

“Us girls can’t time when we need to go to the toilet and change. My poor girl ended up having to go in the staff toilet, embarrassed and ashamed.”

Shell concluded: “I’m seriously in shock. I’m in shock. I can’t believe this happens in this day and age to our girls,” and added a disclaimer that read: “Yes, the school has had a piece of my mind.”

People were quick to echo Shell’s shock, with one person writing: “Appalling.”

Another person commented: “This is not OK,” and a third said: “Shocking.”

Others told Shell that their own schools enforced similar rules, with one person writing: “My school was like this. I ended up with a bladder infection.”

Another added: “I’m having the same problem with my kids’ school, so awful for them. I’m now putting in a formal complaint, I hope the teacher was punished!”

“My son is in secondary school and he’s cried in agony with stomach pain because he couldn’t go! It’s ridiculous! Basic human rights!” wrote another TikToker, while a fourth simply noted: “My school does this.”

Shell and her followers’ concerns are supported by warnings from health organizations, with ERIC, the children’s bowel and bladder charity, noting: “Banning toilet breaks during lessons or restricting access to the toilets can aggravate or even create continence problems.”

Natasha Collins-Daniel of ERIC told My School Gate: “Not going to the toilet when you need to can have a big impact on health and wellbeing.”



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