Michigan State University has issued an apology after a controversial image of Adolf Hitler was inadvertently showcased on its football stadium’s video screens during pregame events on Saturday evening.

The blunder occurred as part of a pre-match trivia quiz, where a picture of Hitler, along with a mention of his birthplace, Austria, was presented to the audience at Spartan Stadium. This incident transpired right before Michigan State’s game against No. 2 ranked Michigan.

Alan Haller, Vice President of Michigan State and its Athletics Director, addressed the incident on Sunday. He confirmed that an employee associated with the episode has been identified and subsequently placed on paid suspension while an investigation ensues. Haller stated, “We’ve initiated a preliminary evaluation, and the individual in question has been temporarily relieved of their duties. The next course of action will be determined once the investigation concludes.”

As reported by AP News, Photos of the inappropriate imagery rapidly made rounds on various social media platforms, prompting a swift response from the university. Matt Larson, the University’s spokesperson, expressed deep regret over the incident. He clarified that the error originated from an external vendor and assured that Michigan State has since terminated its association with the responsible entity.



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