Megyn Kelly recently aimed at Hillary Clinton, criticizing both her latest New York Times column and the cover of her upcoming book during an episode of ‘The Megyn Kelly Show.’ Joined by Maureen Callahan of the Daily Mail, Kelly was particularly harsh about the retouching on Clinton’s book cover, “Something Lost, Something Gained.”

“The amount of free touching on this face, I haven’t seen since Joan Rivers had her 15th surgery. God love Joan,” Kelly remarked. “This? I don’t know what she’s trying to be with this soft focus.”

Kelly continued her critique by responding to Clinton’s New York Times op-ed, where Clinton described debating Donald Trump as a “waste of time.” Kelly retorted with biting sarcasm, “Why aren’t you the president if you’re so smart about how to debate Trump? Asking for a friend.” She added, “It didn’t work out for you, but she comes in like the elder stateswoman like you can do it perfectly is really what she’s arguing. And it won’t help because you can’t debate this insane man.”

“These are just insults,” Kelly continued. “Actually, what he [Trump] did was he got out there and said you’d be in jail if he were in charge, and people loved the challenge of power of somebody who’d been considered untouchable.”

Kelly also criticized Clinton’s approach during the debates, contrasting it with what she described as Trump’s direct engagement with voters’ concerns while accusing Clinton of behind-the-scenes manipulations. Recently, Kelly ridiculed Clinton for going on a late-night talk show tour to encourage people to vote for President Joe Biden, as OK! previously reported.

“Get over yourself. You don’t matter. Do what’s right for the global citizenry, which is clearly to elect ‘the compassionate one with the heart,'” Kelly said, mocking Clinton’s remarks on ‘The Tonight Show.’

The online discourse reveals widespread criticism and skepticism towards Hillary Clinton, reflecting strong disapproval and distrust among various commentators.

One user wrote, “She is the most hated woman in American politics, how desperate must a party be to put her up for president?”

Another commented, “She still refuses to acknowledge no one likes her or supports any of her ideas or political aspirations. I wasn’t necessarily pro-Trump back then, but I was and am no-way-Hillary-ever-again.”

Another user added, “She’s just the worst!”

One replied, “And she claims Trump is an election denier…what a load of.”

Another stated, “Hillary proves that hair and makeup is everything.”

One commented, “She is feeling really smug since Assange has destroyed his files on her now. It’s clear why they let him finally take a plea deal now.”

Another wrote, “Hillary spent a lot of time ‘preparing’ for the debate. Yep, they gave her the questions before the debate and she practiced her answers.”

This widespread criticism highlights the polarized views towards Hillary Clinton, with many questioning her influence and credibility in the current political landscape.



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