Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a staunch ally of Donald Trump, faced significant backlash on Sunday after asserting that she “knows” the former president won Georgia’s 2020 election, despite his loss to current President Joe Biden, told Raw Story.

Greene made the comments while promoting a recent pro-Trump boating event in Georgia. “Yesterday’s enthusiasm for President Trump on Lake Allatoona was unmatched!!” she exclaimed on Sunday. “I know he won Georgia in 2020, and after yesterday, I know he’s going to win Georgia again in 2024!”

However, her comments were met with swift rebuttals on social media. One user, @slayergoddess69, responded, “Unmatched? He lost in 2020.” The user went on to say, “You have nowhere near the supporters you did 4 years ago. Not even close. And, you’re bragging about 30 boats when you used to have hundreds? Again, all these ‘flex’ photos are just showing us in real time how little there are left in your MAGA world. You get ratioed on social media. You literally get chased out of town wherever you go. Your opponent is making friends with your constituents.”

Another user, @ArtieVandelay1, commented, “There were less than 10 boats with signs or flags.” Meanwhile, @franklinisbored called for a correction from the social media platform itself. “Let’s have @CommunityNotes weigh in on this. Trump lost Georgia in 2020,” the user stated. “As a matter of fact, he called the Secretary of State of Georgia’s to find just enough votes just to win. He asked him to rig the election! The call was recorded.”

The criticism continued with @DrainTheTrumps saying, “Only in some alternate cultiverse did Trump win Georgia in 2020. Don’t you remember him on the phone illegally begging for votes? It’s a whole felony thing. Google it!”

Another user, @mannylopez60110, added, “He lost 2020 and he will lose 2024.”

Greene’s comments are part of a broader narrative among some Trump supporters who continue to dispute the results of the 2020 election. Despite numerous recounts and audits confirming Biden’s victory in Georgia, conspiracy theories and false claims about election fraud persist within certain circles.

The controversy highlights the ongoing divide within American politics, with figures like Greene continuing to champion Trump’s unfounded claims. As the 2024 election approaches, these narratives are likely to play a significant role in shaping the political landscape and voter sentiment.

In the meantime, Greene’s assertions have prompted widespread fact-checking and debate, reinforcing the importance of addressing misinformation and holding public figures accountable for their statements.



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