One TikTokker has been sharing videos of his unique relationship with a rag doll and her rag doll children who he plans to marry and start a family

A man is planning his dream wedding, but his bride may surprise you.

TikTokker @montbk5959 became tired of being single and started dating a rag doll, whom he now plans to marry and have a family with.

The couple has been together for a year and just celebrated their first anniversary.

According to his videos, he waited years before falling in love with the doll with whom he now plans to spend the rest of his life.

Natalia has met his family and they commonly go shopping and for walks in his videos.

But it’s not just the two of them in the picture; Natalia and the man have a couple of rag doll children who are often filmed whilst they do their homework or watch TV.

However, his videos sparked a debate among his followers, who expressed their concern, urging the man to remove comments on many of his videos.

Speaking to his 9,000 followers, he said: “If it weren’t for the dolls, I would be more alone than anyone. At least I have something.”

In another video, he said: “With my little girl we watch TV and talk about everything.

“They don’t know how much I love her, I’ve lasted all this year with her. I plan to get married.”

Although his way of life is unusual, @montbk5959 is not the only person who has started a relationship with a rag doll.

Meirivone Rocha Moraes married her rag doll Marcelo, which her mother had made for her.

Speaking earlier this year, she said: “He doesn’t fight with me, he doesn’t argue and he just understands me. Marcelo is a great and faithful husband. He is such a man and all women envy him.

“When my mum made Marcelo and first introduced me to him, I fell in love with him. It was love at first sight.

“It was because I didn’t have a forró dancer. I would go to these dances but wouldn’t always find a partner. Then he entered into my life and it all made sense.

“The wedding was a wonderful day for me, very important, very emotional. It rained a lot but it was wonderful.”



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