Self-titled Freaky Princess has hit back at trolls who poke fun at her lips. She has said that she likes her lips big and fake despite what anyone says about them.

A lip filler fan slammed trolls who mocked her appearance, insisting she prefers her pout to look “fake.” Sugar baby and self-proclaimed ‘Freaky Princess’ is no stranger to online fame.

She recently stated that she expects her male lovers to pay for her lifestyle, despite the fact that her only job is to “look pretty” and “shop.” As her unusual line of work brought attention, the internet trolls saw an opportunity to mock her cosmetically enhanced beauty.

But the self-described “Bimbo” is having none of it. In a recent TikTok video with thousands of views, the brunette slammed one hater who jibed, “ur lips?” She responded: “Yes darling, I have lip filler. Please get over it. They are big and fake and just amazing,” the Freaky Princess declared.

Many people fled to the comments section in support of the Freaky Princess, defending her choices and complimenting her appearance. One person commented: “Everything about you is amazing.” Another user added: “I love your lips. I’m in the process of building mine.”

While a third voice: “Even if y’all don’t like it, it’s not hurting you, let her be.” Someone else said: “As long as you’re happy.” Meanwhile: “I love them, I think they look great on you!!!”

However, this is not the first time the big-lipped sugar baby has had to take a stand against the haters. Previously, cruel trolls mocked her for looking like she’d been stung by a bee. “Did you get stung by a bee or something? What’s going on here,” one mocked. Another nastily said: “I love eating bees.”

Despite the influx of offensive comments, the Freaky Princess has not let them bring her down. “I may not fit the beauty standards but I’m obsessed with myself,” she said.



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