Kourtney Kardashian has made no secret of her desire to have a child with Travis Barker, and the couple has shared their fertility journey with fans. Kourtney has been open about her ongoing motherhood experience, from revealing how IVF had “put her into menopause” to revealing she’d been told to drink Travis’ sperm to aid fertility.

However, the newlyweds recently revealed that they had put a halt to IVF, with Kourtney explaining that the process was taking too much of a toll on her body. “We started an IVF journey, but I stopped. It was a lot,” the reality TV star and mum-of-three told the Wall Street Journal. “I took a break to just focus on our wedding and getting married.”

Now, Kourtney says she’s preparing her body to restart the process by undergoing a cleanse to rid the tissue of toxins for ‘better quality eggs’ – though she described the cleanse as one of the most “extreme” things she’s done in the name of wellness.

“It’s all these things you can’t do: No sex, no caffeine, no alcohol, no sugar. You’ve gotta eat this really clean, strict diet and you do it for five days,” the 43-year-old explained. “It’s to reset your body. You do all of that — and it’s cleaning out [the toxins from]your tissues.”

She went on: “And then you go into this spa and do treatments every day for four hours. Everything is very ritualistic and has a purpose, and it’s fascinating. I was doing it mostly for cleansing my body [in preparation to]hopefully have a baby.”

As for whether giving up caffeine, sex and sugar were worth it, Kourtney continued: “Yeah, kind of. But the reward on the other side — when you can’t have something and then you have it, right? It’s like I can’t wait for all the obvious things, but then I also like the simplest things like I can’t wait to have caffeine.”

“It’s definitely about moderation and being kind to yourself,” she added. “If I’m going to Cabo, I’m definitely drinking margaritas and having chips and guacamole. It’s all about the balance.”

Kourtney has three children with her ex-partner of over a decade, Scott Disick, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, whereas Travis has two children with his ex-wife Shanna Moakler, Landon, and Alabama.



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