Klay Thompson’s departure from the Golden State Warriors marks the end of an era. The veteran guard agreed to a three-year, $50 million contract with the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, concluding his 13-year tenure with Golden State. The decision was not easy, involving tough conversations, particularly with longtime teammate Steph Curry.

As negotiations with the Warriors stalled in the weeks leading up to free agency, Thompson had a pivotal conversation with Curry. He asked the star point guard not to use his significant influence to pressure the Warriors’ front office into re-signing him, as reported by The Athletic’s Anthony Slater.

“It’s been a layered five-year path to this divorce, splintering last season, sprouting earlier, and finalizing in the last couple weeks, where —among the conversations Thompson had, league sources said — was a request of Stephen Curry not to exert his significant organizational influence and up the temperature with management to ensure Thompson’s return,” Slater wrote. “Curry’s measured voice, even if it altered the outcome, wouldn’t change the genuineness of Joe Lacob and the front office’s true desire to have Thompson back”, via CBS Sports.

Thompson’s wish was respected, with the Warriors reportedly maintaining minimal communication with him and his representatives over the past couple of weeks. Thus, the decision was solidified, and Thompson is now set to join the Mavericks.

Curry, known for his organizational influence, often signs off on major moves before the front office finalizes them. This was evident in Golden State’s failed pursuit of star forward Paul George, a move both Curry and Draymond Green supported before George chose to opt out of his Los Angeles Clippers contract and reportedly agreed to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Thompson’s move to Dallas signifies a new chapter in his career. He will now team up with Luka Dončić and Kyrie Irving, adding significant firepower to the Mavericks. The move also sets up intriguing matchups against the Warriors, with Thompson facing his former team at least three times during the 2024-25 NBA season.

Reflecting on his decision, Thompson acknowledged the challenges and emotional weight of leaving the only NBA team he had known. Yet, he felt it was time for a new challenge and a fresh start. The Warriors, meanwhile, will navigate the upcoming season without one of their cornerstone players, marking the end of the Splash Brothers era as fans have known it.

Thompson’s legacy with the Warriors is cemented with multiple championships and countless memorable moments. His departure, while bittersweet, opens a new chapter for both him and the Golden State franchise. The 2024-25 NBA season promises to be one filled with anticipation and emotional reunions as Thompson dons the Mavericks’ jersey and faces his old team on the court.



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