Vice President Kamala Harris notably used strong language while advising young Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders on overcoming obstacles. The incident occurred during a discussion at the annual Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies Legislative Leadership Summit, moderated by actor and comedian Jimmy O. Yang.

Yang inquired about Harris’ unique position as the first vice president of Asian descent and how her heritage shapes her leadership. Harris, whose mother hailed from India and father from Jamaica, emphasized resilience in the face of adversity., told AP News.

She candidly advised the audience to assert themselves in challenging environments, stating, “We have to know that sometimes people will open the door for you and leave it open. Sometimes they won’t. And then you need to kick that f——— door down.”

The audience responded with applause and cheers, and Harris, laughing, apologized for her language. Her use of profanity, while rare in her public speeches, highlighted her strong message of empowerment and determination.

This moment in politics mirrors past instances where figures like Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden have also resorted to candid expressions. Trump recently led a chant at a rally, and Biden famously described health care legislation as a “big f——— deal” during his vice presidency.

The vice president continued her engagement by speaking at a White House Rose Garden reception with President Joe Biden and actor Lucy Liu to celebrate May as Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Liu remarked on Harris’ historic vice presidency as a milestone for the American dream, while Biden acknowledged the significant contributions of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders as the fastest-growing demographic in the U.S.

Biden humorously concluded, “My name’s Joe Biden. I work for Kamala Harris,” acknowledging his vice president’s influential role.


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