Jennifer Garner is reportedly staying supportive as her ex-husband, Ben Affleck, navigates through marital difficulties with Jennifer Lopez. A source close to Garner told People that she “wants the best” for Affleck, emphasizing her desire for him to remain “happy and healthy” to be the best father possible. The source highlighted Garner’s appreciation for Lopez’s influence, particularly how she “lives a healthy lifestyle and supports Ben’s sobriety.”

This sentiment of support was echoed in an insider’s comment to Us Weekly, stating, “Jennifer Garner is encouraging Ben to work on his marriage to Jen. She fully supports their relationship and wants nothing more than for him to be happy.” This reveals a strong endorsement from Garner for the couple, affectionately known as ‘Bennifer,’ to overcome their challenges.

According to Us Weekly, there seems to be a commitment from Affleck to make his marriage work. Initially hesitant, Affleck is reported to be “committed to working on the marriage” and has begun to “invest more” in the relationship. This shift reportedly came after he experienced “loneliness” and realized “how much he misses Jen.”

The sources suggest that the primary strain on their marriage stems from their demanding work schedules, which frequently keep them apart, leading to communication breakdowns and escalating minor misunderstandings into significant arguments. Despite these challenges, the couple has been maintaining communication, focusing primarily on essential matters and updates.

However, there appears to be a glimmer of hope for the couple. They were recently seen together, smiling in a car, indicating that they might be finding ways to reconnect and possibly reconcile their differences.

Garner’s support for Affleck’s efforts to sustain his marriage to Lopez underlines her commitment to co-parenting and her genuine desire for her ex-husband’s well-being. Her supportive stance is not only a testament to her character but also to the complexities of relationships and the ongoing efforts required to maintain them amidst the challenges of busy, public lifestyles.



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