The relationship between George and Amal Clooney has been in trouble for some time. Although the famous couple has been receiving couples therapy for two years, their marriage may be the most recent quarantine casualty. Since the couple’s wedding on September 27, 2014, tabloids have claimed that they will split, but the rumors may soon become true.

According to recent reporting, the couple is still having problems, and couples therapy isn’t helping. The relationship between George and Amal Clooney is in trouble, and it appears that COVID is to blame.

George and Amal Clooney are frequently at each other’s throats, a source claims. Will COVID-19 be the final straw that breaks the back of the camel? Will the famous couple get a divorce this time? Here’s everything we know.


Along with their twins Ella & Alexander, George & Amal Clooney have been residing at George’s Los Angeles home throughout the COVID-19 quarantine. In order to make his bachelor pad family-friendly, George is remodeling the house. A playhouse for the twin, villas for the live-in help, an outdoor pizza oven, a cable railroad, and a water feature are among the renovations. The further work came with an approximate $1 million price tag.

The Clooneys were confined to a tiny area of the property due to the construction, and George is sick of Los Angeles. Amal opposes George’s plan for the family to visit Lake Como in Italy. Although Amal has never been a fan of Los Angeles, she believes the family should stay throughout the quarantine.

George and Amal Clooney have never spent this much time together, which may seem unusual coming from a married couple. The couple’s hectic schedules keep them apart, and the quarantine made them live closer together in cramped quarters.

Their fight wasn’t the first time George wanted to go to Lake Como. Over where to raise their children, George and Amal also got into a fight. To be near his family and friends, George wants to raise them in Los Angeles. Amal desires to bring kids up in the UK. The renovations were done to get the family ready for their future move back to California, but as of September, they are still ongoing.

Couples Counseling

According to a source, George & Amal fought during a couples counseling session. The fight got so bad, that Amal walked out of the office. A source for Life & Style claims the incident was “the final nail in the coffin for George. He is tired of trying to paper over the cracks and is ready to pull the plug. He’s made it clear to Amal that he wants out.”

The source explained couples counseling isn’t working, adding, “After desperately trying to save their relationship, they’ve hit a wall. And friends fear there’s no going back.” 

According to one source, Amal was furious when she learned that George intended to get a divorce. She hates to lose, and she views divorce as a loss; it makes her feel humiliated. Although the word “scared” is harsh, Amal, a well-regarded human rights lawyer, is no match for George in an argument.  He joked and said that arm wrestling was the only way to defeat Amal in a dispute.

The Clooney’s response

The latest round of divorce rumors has not been addressed by the Clooneys or their representatives. What’s happening in the connection is difficult to discern. Why would George spend $1 million renovating his home to make it more family-friendly if he and Amal’s relationship was so bad that they had to go to relationship counseling?

According to the source, “They’re both heartbroken over the way the marriage turned out. Neither wanted or expected to be in this place after six years.” The next step for George is Amal is to either get a divorce or deny the rumors. 

All scars will eventually heal, thus according to George & Amal’s pals, the couple needs some time apart. Although Gossip Cop refuted the claims that George would travel alone to Lake Como if Amal and the twins weren’t with him, it’s possible that this would be the best course of action for their relationship.



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